This is a sad scene of a monkey, looking into the light from above.
... I am wondering about what this monkey is thinking about? What do you think? This picture is a tribute to my Nikon D5100, which still is one of my favourite cameras. This picture goes back to late 2013. It was post processed with Lightroom, further processed with hipstamatic on iPhone, and back processed with Photoshop.
This monkey is dreaming for a better world ... for sure. Just a sad expression...
One of my first Nikon D5100 captures was this sheep. Making a creative looking portrait of it. I call this cute sheep madam: 'Esmeralda'. :-)
A beautiful owl closeup in black and white
Portrait closeup capture of a beautiful swimming fish.
Portrait of an lonely Elephant - unmatched in its beauty but kind of sad.
Back in 2014 I've captured a beautiful pyranha. After some post production today, I've reached this result: The "golden dust" fish. Look at him, then you know why. Just a real beauty!
Pure power!
Ice Bear Family
Hot temperatures outside, ...the water is nearby....don't you want to cool down yourself? For sure, this penguin wants to!
Wolf face portrait
Bird face portrait
Dreamtiger fantasy creative artwork
Every bird can be a real beauty.
This is Frieda, the owl of freedom. When looking at this picture, this bird sends you charisma of wisdom, freedom and harmony. One of my favourite birds ever.
A big and nosy gorilla in black and white
Happy life
Portrait of a dwarf mongoose in sepia colours.
Small but very powerful and impressive - this is Hubertus, the boar.
Bull face portrait
Big Elvis the walrus
Portrait of Mitchell the Valais blackneck goat. This picture was one of my early steps in photography. Made with the good old Sony A230.
If there exists elegance in swimming .. a seal can show you how.
Elegant and playful this seal is diving into the water. Seems he have a lot of fun!
If he comes for you ... run, run run! The haunter is already lurking for you!
Swimming duck is reflecting in the water during swimming. A simple but beautiful scene.
In the middle of downtown this beautiful pigeon is picking corns without end. I was lucky to had my P900 with me, so I could capture this moment from far far away.
Eerie and abstract scene with a sitting raven, which just wanted to start to fly.
The storm is coming .. and the birds are waiting for it. It seems they have the best place to view the spectacle at the sky.
As the rabbit looks to the sunset, I've made this picture with my Nikon P900. It seems this place was his favourite one to watch the sun goes down!
Peacock standing on one leg
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