Melancholic scenery of a tunnel in the underground.
Twin Bridge
An empty room artwork with a big canvas.
A wooden man figure - composed from a real picture of a wooden door. Post-production in Photoshop.
An abandoned small damaged hut in the middle of rural bavaria in Germany.
Back view to an abandoned church in bavaria in an artistic post production.
The beauty of Ireland is not only to find in the wonderful Irish landscape. Also those old Irish churches are very interesting to watch and worth a visit.
It feels creepy and uncomfortable to stand behind this window. Guess what's on the other side?
Why this title? The straight look outside is hidden, but still possible on the upper windows. Some could feel caged, but simultaneously you feel a small breeze of liberty. Maybe some women are feeling this kind of emotional chaos when they are doing things they don't wanna do!? Weird, but thinking about this topic inspired me to create this picture and giving it this title.
500px Photo ID: 231702661 - Wonderful nature and living in austria.
A wonderful architectural indoor floor made in an austrian chalet inspired me for this artwork called 'Phönix'. The picture was made with iPhone 7 (LR App in Raw) and post processed with Photoshop cc.
Found this secret and fantastic chapel deep in the German Steigerwald forest. This place is full of myths and legends.
I love minimlism and simple pictures. I captured this picture at a night walk with my iPhone. It is very simple, clear, abstract but though interesting because it leads the viewer to the only important thing on the whole picture: To the lonely and bright window which is lightening the dark.
I love abstract shots like this. Mixed with complementary colours it's an harmonic surrealism which can be created.
One of the most beautiful historical German building I've ever seen: The Walhalla near Regensburg, Bavaria. This place is full of power and magic. The indescribable and gigantic building captures your imagination within seconds.
It is weathered and full of spider webs: This bee hotel seems to be very abandoned. I tried to observe this small home of bees, but after 10 minutes not a single bee or insect came to this house. Very sad.
A melancholic scene of an old street lamp illuminating the dark night.
Abstract view to an old church window. The monochrome color makes this picture appearing really dramatically.
I've found this closed old and secret door in the backyard of a lonely farmhouse. It was closed. What may be behind it?
A romantic small alley in the middle of a bavarian village.
This church definately belongs to the holy heaven. The bright light in the background makes the whole picture very dramatic.
If god loves music, than this is the perfect pace for him.
The light plays with the dark shadows in this old staircase of 1870.
Abandoned old caretaker house
The beauty lies sometimes in minimalism.
Two very old gatekeeper figures in front of an ancient door. They shall protect this church from incoming evil.
I love the minimalism of those small hut facades ... especially in winter.
Reminds me of old airy tale stories...
Through the alleys of Abtswind with the small Sony W830 camera. Post production was in Snapseed on android tablet.
Take a seat and enjoy the German Gemütlichkeit in our beautiful Franconian villages. Photo with Sony W830 and post processing with Snapseed Android.
It's warm, it's summer and the mood is great. Like this scene nearly every franconian village spreads its charme and warm feelings.
The old abandoned chimney in a dark setting.
Close view to three slim and high windows combined with other vertically and diagonal lines. Captured with Sony W830 and post-processed with Photoshop.
A dark sky behind the peak of an old historical rooftop. The chimney in the back is old and derelict.
An old facade with different windows.
Those lines are an overall artwork for me.
Zeitlos wie seine Architektur ragt er empor und vermittelt Würde - der Kirchenturm.
A classic post modern balcony view from below.
A monumental St. Franciscus statue in black and white.
This pillar was built for eternity.
Closeup view to the basement of an old historical building.
The night sun is shining at the lonely old chimney ... just a scary scene isnt it?
A window like a stronghold.
Abstract view to the church alley.
A pure game of lines in architecture.
Low angle view to a church's facade from below. The lines will lead you directly to heaven ... maybe.
The big park of Wiesentheid is always worth a visit. You can explore wonderful nature and have a great look to this beautiful old orangery.
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