This is a sad scene of a monkey, looking into the light from above.
This monkey is dreaming for a better world ... for sure. Just a sad expression...
A beautiful owl closeup in black and white
Twin Bridge
An empty room artwork with a big canvas.
This is Frieda, the owl of freedom. When looking at this picture, this bird sends you charisma of wisdom, freedom and harmony. One of my favourite birds ever.
A big and nosy gorilla in black and white
Dark road on christmas
In this simple artwork you can see and discover the complexity in its structure itself.
Coast of the Irish Galway coast. Captured by Smartphone Moto G4.
See the beauty of lines and symmetry in black and white.
I love minimlism and simple pictures. I captured this picture at a night walk with my iPhone. It is very simple, clear, abstract but though interesting because it leads the viewer to the only important thing on the whole picture: To the lonely and bright window which is lightening the dark.
Even facades are sleeping early in the morning...
Minimalistic this tree stands in front of nothing. White, bright and simple. I love those simple captures!
Abstract view to an old church window. The monochrome color makes this picture appearing really dramatically.
I've found this closed old and secret door in the backyard of a lonely farmhouse. It was closed. What may be behind it?
Part of past times. I am wondering when the last train used those old rails. It is overgrown and not to pass.
The light plays with the dark shadows in this old staircase of 1870.
In summer when we get over 39°C like nowadays here in Germany, the sun is just relentless to us all. Hope the summer isn't endless... This photo is a snapshot and was made with the small Sony W830 during the extreme summer heat of 2019.
Close view to three slim and high windows combined with other vertically and diagonal lines. Captured with Sony W830 and post-processed with Photoshop.
A monumental St. Franciscus statue in black and white.
This pillar was built for eternity.
A pure game of lines in architecture.
The big park of Wiesentheid is always worth a visit. You can explore wonderful nature and have a great look to this beautiful old orangery.
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