Crawling into the night ...
This is a sad scene of a monkey, looking into the light from above.
Symmetric Gold Leafs
One of my first Nikon D5100 captures was this sheep. Making a creative looking portrait of it. I call this cute sheep madam: 'Esmeralda'. :-)
Portrait closeup capture of a beautiful swimming fish.
Portrait of an lonely Elephant - unmatched in its beauty but kind of sad.
Abstract and detailed texture structure
A golden green face pattern picture, taken from a plastic surface.
Twin Bridge
An empty room artwork with a big canvas.
Three Monkey Heads
Hot temperatures outside, ...the water is nearby....don't you want to cool down yourself? For sure, this penguin wants to!
Mystical and abstract scenery of a dark and creepy road. Happy Halloween to all!
Wolf face portrait
Bird face portrait
Dreamtiger fantasy creative artwork
Surreal scene of a deep green and dark forest entrance.
Every bird can be a real beauty.
Happy life
Violet sun - this one is abstract art for me.
Very abstract artwork of a snail.
The golden shapes are from a beautiful plant. I used a very low shutter speed to capture just the bright outlines of this plant. Converted to gold it feels like a natural firework!
Mysterious and creepy scene with a golem figure.
Mirrored landscape view with complementary colours.
My next "rooftop model". Herefore I've took a car rooftop and modified it to this artwork/thing/creation.
Beautiful pink coloured flower in artwork style.
Flowers make you feel like in a special mood of spring.
Flagstone artwork in a special artwork style and in deep red
Edit the unexpected! Honestly, the base photo is not a barcode. In reality it was a scratched display of my TV when my PC starts. The HDMI output had a problem to convert to 60Hz so I only saw those colour stripes during the start of the OS. This simple but interesting picture inspired me to make some post production. I hope you like the result. :-)
Bull face portrait
On top of frankonian highlands
To see what's possible with a simple smartphone (in this case the Moto G4) I went out on a sunny day to capture this beautiful leaf. This capture was made free handed. The leaf was waving to the soft wind and was lighted by sunshine. The post-production was made with photoshop. I especially love the colours on this leaf - it's all naturally.
The overall composition is based on a landscape panorama photo which I've captured with a Motorola G4 Smartphone. Herewith I wish you a great and wonderful year 2017! Be always inspired!
Another version of a simple hashtag shape.
In this simple artwork you can see and discover the complexity in its structure itself.
I've created this image, using a rooftop photography of a car. Isolated the car rooftop and composed it to this rocket similar object. Experimental, surreal and different.
Introducing my abstract firebug - it's a combination of a surface/emblem and flames made with photoshop. Be always inspired and creative.
Simple but elegant surface, combined with some lightning and shadows.
Thoughts about an abstract plant fireball artwork, glowing in front of a frozen river with ice sheets.
Smartphone Photograhpy - Lenovo Moto G4 / Post production with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom
Wondering where those roads leading to ...
Several patterns united in one picture.
Used an old wooden wheel as base photo to make this abstract looking image.
This must be a ghost world scene. Abstract background blur motion scenery.
Back view to an abandoned church in bavaria in an artistic post production.
Walking in an empty park. You feel alone. It's getting blurry. That's the time the twilight comes to you. Just a thought. :-)
Inspired by the deep of space I've created this Mars landing artwork.
The night has come to the park. Melancholic and kind of surrealistic scene.
Matrix storm - Abstract art
Pro Sun
Ireland is just a wonderful place on earth. Here you see the tower on the Cliffs of Moher in an artistic way, captured with GoPro Hero5 Black.
Real Irish lamp in a hotel room. Classic and vintage style.
Plant details captured with my smartphone. Post production with Lightroom + Photoshop.
Devil's Heart Artwork
Experimental arrangement of a church ceiling.
A gorgeous classic. The Bellis perennis flower is beautiful to look at .. again and again ..
The eye of Sauron revealed in a mirrored composition of one tree part.
Star traveller - artwork of the shining moon
Firecloud artwork - Composing made of 1 Cloud-Picture.
Stargate abstract concept design artwork
This monster is a beautiful pearl of past industrial days.
Even a single object can appear angry.
I think I was lucky to get this position of the sun at exactly this position.
Dramatic firesky on the Bavarian firmament.
Surrealistic mirrored road in a rural landscape setting
Aurora the glowing tree in a fantasy setting [Smartphone art]
Just experimental with birds
Abstract forms captured by smartphone
A new way to bring some art feeling into a photo. I think the result is pretty romantic and melancholic, don't you think? I used the "Deep Art Effects" filter (Android) and post produced this picture in photoshop.
See the beauty of lines and symmetry in black and white.
The sun is fading away ... the winter is near. It's kind of melancholicm but: The next summer will come!
The next artwork for my 'art collection' is called 'Flashdrops'. It reminds me on drops, filled with flashlights.
Going on with my art collection. "Wave of fortune" is my next artwrk that is a little bit surreal, chaotic but still simple and nice. The base photo was shot with the Moto G4. Post processing in photoshop.
Surreal scene of a line border which divides the sky in two horizontal halfs. This is the Cloudbreaker artwork.
Serengeti tree in sunset illustration
Abstract lamp artwork, shot with iPhone 7 Hipstamatic app and post produced with Hipstamatic.
It feels creepy and uncomfortable to stand behind this window. Guess what's on the other side?
Why this title? The straight look outside is hidden, but still possible on the upper windows. Some could feel caged, but simultaneously you feel a small breeze of liberty. Maybe some women are feeling this kind of emotional chaos when they are doing things they don't wanna do!? Weird, but thinking about this topic inspired me to create this picture and giving it this title.
A wonderful architectural indoor floor made in an austrian chalet inspired me for this artwork called 'Phönix'. The picture was made with iPhone 7 (LR App in Raw) and post processed with Photoshop cc.
I love symmetry in interaction with simple and minimalistic shapes. Together with a dash of fresh colour, this artwork is appearing in an exciting way, don't you think?
I love minimlism and simple pictures. I captured this picture at a night walk with my iPhone. It is very simple, clear, abstract but though interesting because it leads the viewer to the only important thing on the whole picture: To the lonely and bright window which is lightening the dark.
I love abstract shots like this. Mixed with complementary colours it's an harmonic surrealism which can be created.
Minimalistic this tree stands in front of nothing. White, bright and simple. I love those simple captures!
A walk in the park is always wonderful. To capture moments you'll never forget is my passion and can build your own park tale story .. just look longer to this scene and you will find much interesting.
The fire is coming to the church - there is no rescue - but salvation ... maybe.
Sometimes I see the world in a different view ...
This picture reminds me of the movie "The Blair Witch Project", where some students find several alignments of stones and thicket in the woods which comes from a witch. Creepy, isn't it?
Caught this bumblebee taking a bath in this flowers honeypot.
Rare photo of a haunting fire elemental on the dry fields. I had the luck to capture it in a moment he didn't notice me. ;)
A melancholic scene of an old street lamp illuminating the dark night.
A dreamy scene with an illuminated meadow behind an apple tree. It shows you the warmth of summer and the coolness of dark shadows.
Mirror, mirror on the wall ... who see the dead face, at all?
This church definately belongs to the holy heaven. The bright light in the background makes the whole picture very dramatic.
Eerie and abstract scene with a sitting raven, which just wanted to start to fly.
Even if an object has a plain statement you can make the scene looks perfectly for it.
Deep in the past the high civilization of Mayas ruled their territories. Where did they go?
I just love to play with normal objects from out of our everyday life and putting them into abstract artworks.
Those days are kind of melancholic for me. The summer is nearly over, the weather is getting rainy and cold but the last lights of the sun are warming my room.
Surreal scene of a vineyard in autumn.
I love to create abstract fantasy things like this artwork here. The beard is really hot and if you look longer to it, you see a demon inside. Creey, isnt it?
The lonely autumn
The last wheat plant on the field pines away in a melancholic winter scene.
Five boatsmen after a capsized ship drowned in the big sea, fighting for their lifes in the floods.
Abstract view into a cinema room.
A classic post modern balcony view from below.
This pillar was built for eternity.
Maybe a perfect family? These roses symbolize a harmonious family for me.
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