The golden shapes are from a beautiful plant. I used a very low shutter speed to capture just the bright outlines of this plant. Converted to gold it feels like a natural firework!
Beautiful pink coloured flower in artwork style.
Flowers make you feel like in a special mood of spring.
To see what's possible with a simple smartphone (in this case the Moto G4) I went out on a sunny day to capture this beautiful leaf. This capture was made free handed. The leaf was waving to the soft wind and was lighted by sunshine. The post-production was made with photoshop. I especially love the colours on this leaf - it's all naturally.
Thoughts about an abstract plant fireball artwork, glowing in front of a frozen river with ice sheets.
Plant details captured with my smartphone. Post production with Lightroom + Photoshop.
A gorgeous classic. The Bellis perennis flower is beautiful to look at .. again and again ..
A new way to bring some art feeling into a photo. I think the result is pretty romantic and melancholic, don't you think? I used the "Deep Art Effects" filter (Android) and post produced this picture in photoshop.
Even the simplest objects in nature can be very interesting and elegant, don't you think?
I just love the beautiful Flora and Fauna. Playing with the beauty of nature is a real meditation for me.
Green vegetation of reeds in the summer in an artistic style
Caught this bumblebee taking a bath in this flowers honeypot.
After a long period of very dry months in the summer of 2018, it's time for the plants to regenerate with the upcoming rain of early autumn. They literally long for the fresh liquid...
Do you feel sometimes to be stuck in a dream? This beautiful flower is between reality and a dream. On the one hand it is surreal but on the other it is real.
Two small frozen mushrooms growing on a tree trunk
Ice on bracket fungus close-up
Red flowers are just beautiful. They are a symbol for love and harmony and nevertheless a beauty to watch at.
Orchid dreams
Nuances of purple and a graceful appearance makes those plants to a real eye catcher. Captured with a good old Canon PowerShot SX230 HS camera, free hand.
The mouth of an orchid closeup
Sunflowers are the most beautfiul flowers for me. On todays photo walk I've found this one and captured it with my Sony W830.
Maybe a perfect family? These roses symbolize a harmonious family for me.
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