Surreal blue and mirrored landscape
Flowers make you feel like in a special mood of spring.
A wonderful scenery in late autumn shows the evanescence of the beautiful sun.
On top of frankonian highlands
Dark road on christmas
To see what's possible with a simple smartphone (in this case the Moto G4) I went out on a sunny day to capture this beautiful leaf. This capture was made free handed. The leaf was waving to the soft wind and was lighted by sunshine. The post-production was made with photoshop. I especially love the colours on this leaf - it's all naturally.
Smartphone photos can be a artistic too, don't you think? This capture was made on a small pond in a rural German province. Smartphone: Moto G4 Used tools: Google Photo Stylizer, Photoshop
Spring is coming to Europe.
Walking in an empty park. You feel alone. It's getting blurry. That's the time the twilight comes to you. Just a thought. :-)
One of the most impressive places in Ireland. This is Clonmacnoise. A reverent silence lies over those old graveyards. Truely a very special and wonderful place!
Coast of the Irish Galway coast. Captured by Smartphone Moto G4.
Ireland is just a wonderful place on earth. Here you see the tower on the Cliffs of Moher in an artistic way, captured with GoPro Hero5 Black.
Plant details captured with my smartphone. Post production with Lightroom + Photoshop.
Megacloud - artwork illustration of a big white cloud
Panoramic view to St. Johannes in the wonderful village of Castell, Germany. For post production, I've used Photoshop's Oil Filter (yes I still dare to use it! :P) and some colour lookup tables. And of course a little bit of the NIK Filter Collection and some RAW radial light and colour corrections...
Wonderful frankonian panorama view from top of the village Castell. This panorama picture was made of 5 photos with Lightroom.
Surreal scene of a line border which divides the sky in two horizontal halfs. This is the Cloudbreaker artwork.
500px Photo ID: 231702661 - Wonderful nature and living in austria.
This is a very romantic and special place in my home vineyards. Some couples even marry here on the hill between the growing wine. Together with this amazing view, it is a very romantic location.
A wonderful place to rest and to enjoy the beauty of the frankonian vineyards in autumn.
Diversity in nature is just beautiful.
Minimalistic this tree stands in front of nothing. White, bright and simple. I love those simple captures!
Winter impressions of the Bavarian forest in snow
This is a small place of peace and harmony which I've found on my vacation in northern Germany. In the middle of nowhere this idyll gives pure power back, in its natural beauty.
At a lonely lake in the forest I found this heap of stones. I asked the owner of this property what's all about those stones. He told me, that this is a stone grave. I didn't ask who or what is interred there ... but this is really spooky.
Aren't we all a leaf in a big floating ocean of time? This scene describes for me the evanescence of time ..
The view through this hedge reveals the surreal gate to the world.
In the summer 2018 I went to the beautiful dikes of the Northern Elbe located near Hamburg. After a short walk I saw this scene with those sheeps and the beautiful old lighthouse. This capture stands for tranquility and the northern charm of Germany.
What do you do if you wake up at 3 in the morning? For myself, I take pictures of the moon. Here you see nice details of the moon's surface. The megazoom of the Nikon P900 is just incredible!
The storm is coming .. and the birds are waiting for it. It seems they have the best place to view the spectacle at the sky.
A warm summer evening and a dry landscape. The harvest begins here in late August of 2018. It looks like war on the fields during the tractors are harvesting.
The endless sky on an autumn evening in all its variations - just beautiful and unique!
Sunday evening sunset. The sun dives the whole countryside into a yellow-orange warm tone. A pure romantic setting!
A reason why I fell in love with this frankonian landscape is the romantic touch you'll find at any corner here. Just lovely.
Two small frozen mushrooms growing on a tree trunk
The morning rises, the nature awakes and the beauty of all being can be seen.
In the middle of the street in the cold frankonian highlands, the snow is coming now and it's getting cold, dark and eerie.
Winter in the vineyards by night
A cold saturday in early January 2019. It was snowing at night and so I went out to the local vineyards. The fields and the villages are covered with snow. It makes a romantic feeling in my heart to see this beautiful landscape in such pure winter harmony. The village you can see on this picture is named Abtswind. This panorama was made with a 40 macro lens out of 3 single pictures.
Last sunlinght in late winter in the Steigerwald mountains. The trees are tall and standing straight to the sun.
In the western forests of the Bavarian Steigerwald, there is a lake called the waterer's lake. Beside this lake is an old swamp which is surrounded of old trees. This is a truely magic and secret place. Full of harmony and full of old energy.
Steigerwald Impressions III - The hunter's home. In the middle of the trees you often find those hunting lodges. Sad, but necessary I guess. At least they fit (mostly) perfectly into the environment like this one.
This is my beautiful homeland in Lower Frankonia, Bavaria. Someone said that the skies are always blue here and the sun always shines... Capture was made with iPhone7 Panorama Mode, free hand.
At the vineyards of Castell I captured this panoramic and rural view to the beautiful country of Bavaria. Captured with iPhone7 // Edited with Stackables App.
A sunny day in the deep forest of the Franconian Steigerwald. 21°C and a beautiful autumn forest awaits you in those days.
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