Melancholic scenery of a tunnel in the underground.
Flagstone artwork in a special artwork style and in deep red
On top of frankonian highlands
Dark road on christmas
To see what's possible with a simple smartphone (in this case the Moto G4) I went out on a sunny day to capture this beautiful leaf. This capture was made free handed. The leaf was waving to the soft wind and was lighted by sunshine. The post-production was made with photoshop. I especially love the colours on this leaf - it's all naturally.
The overall composition is based on a landscape panorama photo which I've captured with a Motorola G4 Smartphone. Herewith I wish you a great and wonderful year 2017! Be always inspired!
Smartphone Photograhpy - Lenovo Moto G4 / Post production with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom
Smartphone photos can be a artistic too, don't you think? This capture was made on a small pond in a rural German province. Smartphone: Moto G4 Used tools: Google Photo Stylizer, Photoshop
Pro Sun
Coast of the Irish Galway coast. Captured by Smartphone Moto G4.
Plant details captured with my smartphone. Post production with Lightroom + Photoshop.
Aurora the glowing tree in a fantasy setting [Smartphone art]
Abstract forms captured by smartphone
Reminds me on some vintage movies of the 1950s. Photo was taken with an FireHD Tablet and was prepared with Lightroom Mobile. Colour effect was added with Photoshop.
See the beauty of lines and symmetry in black and white.
The next artwork for my 'art collection' is called 'Flashdrops'. It reminds me on drops, filled with flashlights.
Surreal scene of a line border which divides the sky in two horizontal halfs. This is the Cloudbreaker artwork.
Abstract lamp artwork, shot with iPhone 7 Hipstamatic app and post produced with Hipstamatic.
It feels creepy and uncomfortable to stand behind this window. Guess what's on the other side?
Why this title? The straight look outside is hidden, but still possible on the upper windows. Some could feel caged, but simultaneously you feel a small breeze of liberty. Maybe some women are feeling this kind of emotional chaos when they are doing things they don't wanna do!? Weird, but thinking about this topic inspired me to create this picture and giving it this title.
500px Photo ID: 231702661 - Wonderful nature and living in austria.
A wonderful architectural indoor floor made in an austrian chalet inspired me for this artwork called 'Phönix'. The picture was made with iPhone 7 (LR App in Raw) and post processed with Photoshop cc.
This is a very romantic and special place in my home vineyards. Some couples even marry here on the hill between the growing wine. Together with this amazing view, it is a very romantic location.
I love symmetry in interaction with simple and minimalistic shapes. Together with a dash of fresh colour, this artwork is appearing in an exciting way, don't you think?
Found this secret and fantastic chapel deep in the German Steigerwald forest. This place is full of myths and legends.
I love minimlism and simple pictures. I captured this picture at a night walk with my iPhone. It is very simple, clear, abstract but though interesting because it leads the viewer to the only important thing on the whole picture: To the lonely and bright window which is lightening the dark.
Minimalistic this tree stands in front of nothing. White, bright and simple. I love those simple captures!
Winter impressions of the Bavarian forest in snow
My tribute to Scotland - a beautiful country of great landscape and tradition. Latha math!
At a lonely lake in the forest I found this heap of stones. I asked the owner of this property what's all about those stones. He told me, that this is a stone grave. I didn't ask who or what is interred there ... but this is really spooky.
Mirror, mirror on the wall ... who see the dead face, at all?
Part of past times. I am wondering when the last train used those old rails. It is overgrown and not to pass.
What's going on out there? Violence, murder, poverty.... in the middle of Europe and in the rest of the world?! Will this be all that is left of this century if we remember on it when we are old?
Those days are kind of melancholic for me. The summer is nearly over, the weather is getting rainy and cold but the last lights of the sun are warming my room.
Reminds me of old airy tale stories...
This is my beautiful homeland in Lower Frankonia, Bavaria. Someone said that the skies are always blue here and the sun always shines... Capture was made with iPhone7 Panorama Mode, free hand.
At the vineyards of Castell I captured this panoramic and rural view to the beautiful country of Bavaria. Captured with iPhone7 // Edited with Stackables App.
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