Winter impressions of the Bavarian forest in snow
Last sunlinght in late winter in the Steigerwald mountains. The trees are tall and standing straight to the sun.
In the western forests of the Bavarian Steigerwald, there is a lake called the waterer's lake. Beside this lake is an old swamp which is surrounded of old trees. This is a truely magic and secret place. Full of harmony and full of old energy.
Steigerwald Impressions III - The hunter's home. In the middle of the trees you often find those hunting lodges. Sad, but necessary I guess. At least they fit (mostly) perfectly into the environment like this one.
This is my beautiful homeland in Lower Frankonia, Bavaria. Someone said that the skies are always blue here and the sun always shines... Capture was made with iPhone7 Panorama Mode, free hand.
At the vineyards of Castell I captured this panoramic and rural view to the beautiful country of Bavaria. Captured with iPhone7 // Edited with Stackables App.
A sunny day in the deep forest of the Franconian Steigerwald. 21°C and a beautiful autumn forest awaits you in those days.
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