Symmetric Gold Leafs
Surreal blue and mirrored landscape
Abstract and detailed texture structure
A golden green face pattern picture, taken from a plastic surface.
Twin Bridge
An empty room artwork with a big canvas.
Surreal scene of a deep green and dark forest entrance.
Abstract stone stairs scenery in nature
Very abstract artwork of a snail.
Mysterious and creepy scene with a golem figure.
Mirrored landscape view with complementary colours.
Wondering where those roads leading to ...
Devil's Heart Artwork
Experimental arrangement of a church ceiling.
The eye of Sauron revealed in a mirrored composition of one tree part.
Megacloud - artwork illustration of a big white cloud
Firecloud artwork - Composing made of 1 Cloud-Picture.
Surrealistic mirrored road in a rural landscape setting
See the beauty of lines and symmetry in black and white.
Going on with my art collection. "Wave of fortune" is my next artwrk that is a little bit surreal, chaotic but still simple and nice. The base photo was shot with the Moto G4. Post processing in photoshop.
Why this title? The straight look outside is hidden, but still possible on the upper windows. Some could feel caged, but simultaneously you feel a small breeze of liberty. Maybe some women are feeling this kind of emotional chaos when they are doing things they don't wanna do!? Weird, but thinking about this topic inspired me to create this picture and giving it this title.
500px Photo ID: 231702661 - Wonderful nature and living in austria.
A wonderful architectural indoor floor made in an austrian chalet inspired me for this artwork called 'Phönix'. The picture was made with iPhone 7 (LR App in Raw) and post processed with Photoshop cc.
I love symmetry in interaction with simple and minimalistic shapes. Together with a dash of fresh colour, this artwork is appearing in an exciting way, don't you think?
Mirror, mirror on the wall ... who see the dead face, at all?
If god loves music, than this is the perfect pace for him.
I just love to play with normal objects from out of our everyday life and putting them into abstract artworks.
Introducing Herr Grinsemann ... in English you would call him "Mr. Grin". Everybody who knows my style is aware of that I love to play with symmetry and mirrored objects. In this case I've chosen a simple road in nature and made it round like this. The bushes and trees appearing as hairiness which fits perfectly into the face of Mr. Grin. Overall I have to say this is a funny one, but although I am still fascinating in creating stuff like this and seeing what is possible with simple (maybe sometimes boring) pictures.
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