Symmetric Gold Leafs
Abstract and detailed texture structure
A golden green face pattern picture, taken from a plastic surface.
Violet sun - this one is abstract art for me.
Flagstone artwork in a special artwork style and in deep red
Edit the unexpected! Honestly, the base photo is not a barcode. In reality it was a scratched display of my TV when my PC starts. The HDMI output had a problem to convert to 60Hz so I only saw those colour stripes during the start of the OS. This simple but interesting picture inspired me to make some post production. I hope you like the result. :-)
Another version of a simple hashtag shape.
Simple but elegant surface, combined with some lightning and shadows.
Several patterns united in one picture.
I love symmetry in interaction with simple and minimalistic shapes. Together with a dash of fresh colour, this artwork is appearing in an exciting way, don't you think?
My tribute to Scotland - a beautiful country of great landscape and tradition. Latha math!
Fence detail shadows of four spears on an old rough yellow wall.
This is my own creative interpretation of the sun's surface.
Imagine you see a green marble from the inside. This could be a possible picture you could see.
There are much interesting things to discover in those micro worlds.
Abstract wooden tree trunk background
When time flows away, it leaves such beautiful patterns behind...
Two walls of a different construction type are meeting themselves. It is an interesting composition of colors and details.
Side detail view of an old Komatsu excavator. The Sigma DP1 quattro shows the details brilliantly and very sharp.
A really crooked brick wall between another two red walls. I like those abstract views.
Old and rough plaster in complementary colors.
Yet another brick wall. The spirit of those still life scenes are very harmonic to me.
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