Very abstract artwork of a snail.
Happy Halloween to my dear follower and visitors!
Smartphone Photograhpy - Lenovo Moto G4 / Post production with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom
Creative thoughts about a stapler.
Real Irish lamp in a hotel room. Classic and vintage style.
Stargate abstract concept design artwork
Even a single object can appear angry.
Reminds me on some vintage movies of the 1950s. Photo was taken with an FireHD Tablet and was prepared with Lightroom Mobile. Colour effect was added with Photoshop.
Wellness oasis with abstract forms and warm colours illustration
The next artwork for my 'art collection' is called 'Flashdrops'. It reminds me on drops, filled with flashlights.
Abstract lamp artwork, shot with iPhone 7 Hipstamatic app and post produced with Hipstamatic.
Full harvest trailer standing on the field in autumn
This old and very used weather station was located on an old hunter's cottage deep in the German woods. It is a contemporary witness and the measurement is still working.
Are you chained to your daily life? After some weeks of vacation, I see for myself how fast you are back in the normal routine of life. Good on the one hand, but if you burst the chains you can see interesting new things and find new ways.
It is weathered and full of spider webs: This bee hotel seems to be very abandoned. I tried to observe this small home of bees, but after 10 minutes not a single bee or insect came to this house. Very sad.
A melancholic scene of an old street lamp illuminating the dark night.
This bottle was photographed behind a glass window. Behind this bottle is a glass window too. The bottle is made of glass. All I see is glass. ;)
Even if an object has a plain statement you can make the scene looks perfectly for it.
Do you remember those old classic gumball machines? They still exist here in Bavaria.
Simple things can be so interesting!
This is what I call a real rocking chair for bosses, don't you think?
Empty chairs are waiting for new guests.
Fine art of an religious sculpture, built in 1995 - I call it: The pilgrim.
A monumental St. Franciscus statue in black and white.
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